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The first child is the gift you give each other; the second child is the gift you give to the first.

Only when you b…

Only when you become a parent do you think to thank your parents – Melanie Vezey

Roger that. I read you loud and clear.

Well, this is it! The stilettos hit the pavement as I enter the world of blog. It’s an exciting time, a burst of business ingenuity, and a forum for sharing what I love to do. I write about speaking. Public speaking, yes, isn’t it all public? ¬†We’ll journey down many paths, taking a look at why speaking out is ranked so high on people’s fear list, what authenticity in speaking your message really entails, and tricks of the trade to help get you out of the forest and into the field….of admirers. You are unique. Your message is important. Master the skills of sharing, and share your message.

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